The great
Chain Reaction

There are many paths leading to this particular target

The “what” is easily explained: we take a huge pile of building material and the teams construct a chain reaction from this. The “how” is slightly more puzzling in that the teams have to find this out themselves. Here a spirit of research is required. And true teamwork. In the end only one thing counts: the impulse must run, roll, jump – the final result is a bang and a shower of confetti.

Short facts:

  • Your participants are split into different groups.
  • Each stage of the building presents the teams with a challenge which, by using their brains and a little manual skill can be constructed from the large amount of building material available.
  • The transfer points between the stations can only be built in group-overlapping form so that here communication must be effected both within as well as outside the team.
  • When activated, the impulse runs, rolls or flows.
  • Accompanied by the enthusiastic applause of a rightly proud team and the absolute conviction: together, we can solve and get everything going!


  • Optimization of interfaces
  • Working together towards a common target
  • Strengthening communication
  • Promoting creativity
  • Mutual development of strategies
  • Imparting internal company values

Type of event: Team event, team building
Location: Outdoor & indoor
from 10 participants
Duration: 3 – 5 hours