Business Yoga

Create your own pleasant balance to your work in the office or in the conference room and you will note how much more the participant can assimilate and how much more creative participants are. Our business yoga is held by the certified yoga trainer, Johanna Specht, and can be booked for mornings before the meeting, for a lunch time or evening session. Or, even better, mornings lunchtime and evenings. Invest in the health of your team! 

Morning Feel Good Yoga:

Yoga lifts the spirits and consequently creates a pleasant working atmosphere, the perfect prerequisite for a productive day! The participants start off with a 30 minute long activating flow into the day and are thus so much better balanced, unperturbed and better focussed for the forthcoming meetings and workshops. The participants will begin to sweat slightly – it is therefore recommended that they wear sporting, comfortable clothing.

Attentive lunch break:

A mixture of balanced movements and attentive exercises offer the participants some 20 minutes in which to recover from longer periods of sitting and loosen tension. Thus the participant can re-focus for the new themes of the afternoon. The attentive lunch break can be held in comfortable working clothing.

Evening meditation - Breathwork:

The participants divest themselves of their impressions and thoughts of the day in order to close the day in a relaxed manner. Blood pressure and pulse are calmed by controlled breathing. The Parasympathikus (relaxation nerve) is activated and ensures the recreation phase. Thus, the quality of sleep is promoted, and the ability to assimilate for the next day is guaranteed.