Soap Box Derby Spectacle

Fast and Curious

Construct, get in and off you go! It is not often that street racing is legal. And even less so, when the racing cars are home-made models. This race, however, is fully legal.

Short facts:

  • Several teams each build a soapbox model.
  • A high-quality manual with rough instructions supplies assistance.
  • For the building phase the participants have a material buffet, modern tools and a design station at their disposal.
  • No serial models are produced here, creativity is unlimited and knows no bounds.
  • Following MOT safety approval by the race management and after a short trial run things become serious.
  • One racing driver is chosen to start by each team
  • The big finale


  • Increase pragmatism and creativity
  • Development of strategies
  • Outcome-oriented work
  • Promotion of communication and efficiency
  • Reach targets as a team
  • Recognize strengths
  • Assumption of responsibility 


  • Integration of a framework as starting ramp
  • Professional moderation

Outdoor and indoor
Participants: up to 200    
Duration: 3-5 hours