Self-made Crazy Golf

Storming. Forming and Performing

An enormous material buffet offers the participants the possibility of displaying their creativity and creating individual solutions. Imagination is required. And real teamwork. As soon as the final course has been created the exclusive crazy golf team cup will commence. In addition to team rating, the teams compete not only to achieve the lowest number of strokes but also the design title.

Short facts:

  • Your participants are divided into several teams each of which has to construct a crazy golf course.
  • A high-quality manual with rough instructions serves as orientation.
  • An enormous material buffet, modern tools and a design station are available for the participants and will enable them to give their creativity free play.
  • After the self made crazy golf course has been constructed and presented, the course can finally be played.
  • In the end, the group will vote the winning team. In doing so, both the implementation as well as the fun factor play an important role.


  • Increasing pragmatism and creativity
  • Developing strategies
  • Outcome-oriented work
  • Promotion of communication
  • Achieving targets in a team
  • Recognizing strengths
  • Promoting efficiency
  • Assumption of responsibility
  • Establishing trust
  • Competition
  • Fun
  • Enthusiasm

Type of event: Team event, Team building
Location: Outdoor & i ndoor
Persons: 10 – 200 participants
Duration: 2 – 4 hours