Mobile Mission Box

One Box. Many Challenges.

For 60 minutes bundling power and sticking to the task! Even when there seems to be no solution to the task. A game involving patience, endurance and skill. The task here involves picking locks, answering questions and solving secrets in order to unravel the 20-digit code and to deactivate the competitor’s GPS signal.

Short Facts:

  • 6 participants are allocated to each group, all of which follow a mutual objective, namely that of deciphering the secret box.
  • The task, to be solved in teamwork, is to search the “Mobile Mission Box” and to combine all of the information perfectly.
  • Can you and your team find the right passwords? Can you decipher the mysterious codes? Face up to the challenge!
  • Teamwork is required in order to solve the secret riddle and to deactivate the treacherous GPS signal.
  • Also ideal as break during a conference or seminar.


  • Outcome-oriented work
  • Communication of the team
  • Reaching the objectives together as team
  • Assumption of responsibility
  • Individual team experience

Location: Outdoor & indoor
Persons: from 6 particpants
Duration: 1 hour
Season: throughout the whole year