Mission X

Save your company

Important documents from your company have been flown to company headquarters in Bad Wörishofen. However, on the way there, the plane disappeared from the radar screen as if by an invisible hand. The board crew, however, was able to drop the important transport boxes by parachute at the last moment. A race against time begins! Who will be the first to find the important freight with the strictly confidential documents and thus safeguard the future of the company?


  • Outcome-oriented work methods
  • Achieving targets in a team
  • Assumption of responsibility
  • Individual team experience
  • Promotion of communication in the team
  • Development of strategies
  • Recognizing strengths
  • Enthusiasm
  • Fun

Type of event: Team event, team building
Location: Outdoor
Persons: from 6 participants
Duration: 3 - 5 hours

Short Facts:

  • Groups of six participants each are built who will follow one objective together – that of safeguarding the future of the company.
  • Each group is given a modern tablet with an interactive map.
  • Among other things, various tasks must be mastered and solutions and important instructions found for later use.
  • After all information has been collected the group will then begin the search for the secret crash site.
  • In teamwork it is then the task of deciphering the valuable box and of analyzing all of the evidence perfectly.
  • Skill, concentration and a clever mind are required in order to crack the secret of the freight and to salvage the company’s documents.