Foosball World Cup

Laugh, rejoice and celebrate together.

The team event, Kicker-WM, is not only a game of table soccer, it is experiencing authentic possibility, team spirit, fascination and emotion at close quarters. Convert your team event into a rousing cooperation and in so doing develop a very special “we-feeling” which will remain in the minds of your employees.

Short Facts:

  • Two participants take part as national players for a specific country.
  • The title is fought for with pride and honor for the country.
  • The games are drawn initially at random until the co-rounds begin.
  • Witty moderation by the Foosball World Champion as well as emotional interviews with the players.
  • However, at the close, a further challenge will await the winning team – the World Champion of Foosball! If he can be beaten? It remains exciting!


  • Reach targets as a team
  • Recognize strengths
  • Competition
  • Fun and enthusiasm
  • Getting to know one another

Type of event: Team event, team building
Location: Outdoor & i ndoor
Persons: 8 - 50 participants
Duration: 2 - 5 hours