Sport & Fitness

The ideal break for your event in the Allgäu

Like practically no other region in Bavaria, the Allgäu stands for the symbiosis of activity, recreation and progress. And, even if the famous mountains of the alpine uplands are a little distance away, Bad Wörishofen has a number of possibilities to offer for sporting activities to compensate daily business routine.

Archery - Following in the footsteps of Robin Hood

Under the supervision of the Allgäu Events Guides participants will be acquainted with the techniques of the sport of archery. Fascination and elation. Concentration and a steady hand as well as mental balance are prerequisites for a good marksmanship. Archery can also be carried out in a competitive nature by letting different individual groups compete against each other. Winner is the group which gains the most points. The closer to the bull's eye, the more points are awarded.

Participants: 5-40
Duration: 1-2 hours

Further sporting activities

Summer and winter curling

(in the hotel park)
Competition, exactitude, fascination. Experience the popular and convivial leisure pleasure with true team character on our new summer and winter curling facility which can be used throughout the year.


Nordic Walking, Aqua Fitness, Staby-Stab, Pilates, Sport Board 3000 or invigorating dew cure: our fitness team will get you into gear. Following concentrated work this is just the right thing: relaxation exercises – if you wish, also in the conference room!

Bow Construction

(Hotel park or other venue)
Hit the bull’s eye: a fascinating outdoor event which not only reminds the participant of exciting childhood days, but also sharpens concentration and accuracy.

Biathlon und Bogenschießen

(Hotel park or other venue)
Here, you can experience a “defused” variation of the biathlon: although following a strenuous run the challenge is normally to control pulse and gain the necessary calm and concentration for the shot, we will spare you the preceding run. Because, as you will find, it is strenuous enough to hit the five targets! Following a brief instruction in the technique of the rifle and a safe shot, the competition can start.


(Rieden, 6 km or Türkheim, 8 km )
Take advantage of the nearness of the best golf courses in the Allgäu: At the Golfclub Rieden/ Bad Wörishofen (6 km) or the Golfclub zu Gut Ludwigsberg/ Türkheim (8 km) you can discover the exciting and simultaneously recreative world of the sport of golf with a trial course or you can perfect your driving and putting.


Our guests can play tennis on the outdoor courts (clay courts) directly opposite the hotel. We will be happy to organize a tennis tournament for you or an amusing team competition.