The Game


Combine "Beat (the) Raab" and "Wanna Bet?" and you end up with “The Game”. We invite your guests to an evening which with certainty will exceed all of their expectations. A company live show full of glamour, action, skill, sport, knowledge and, naturally, a lot of fun. The spectacle is rounded off with a 4-course menu, live presentation and couch discussions. A competition for victory in which, however, everyone goes mutually with the others to the start and all for a worthy cause.

Short facts:

  • Entry with red carpet and picture wall
  • Room decorated festively to suit the event
  • The evening before each guest receives a high-quality admission ticket with personal seating order
  • A TV presenter will lead through the evening and greet diverse guests on his large couch. Here, interesting interviews are held, employees can be honored and new products or company values skillfully addressed
  • A high quality 4-course menu is served spread over the evening
  • Various team games take place between the courses, such as, for example, round-the-table table tennis and quiz duel with a buzzer
  • The teams can win points for each game and table betting ensures animated communication at the tables
  • Live presentation of the proceedings on large screens in the room create the feeling of a TV show and provide the necessary overview
  • At the close, the points are totaled and converted into Euros. This sum will be donated by the company for a good cause
  • Following this there is an after-show party with a DJ and a midnight snack.
  • 150 – 250 participants

  • Duration: 4.5 hours


  • Create enthusiasm
  • Having fun 
  • Entertainment of the highest level
  • Promote communication
  • Promote team work
  • Transportation of company values
  • Communication of new aspects from within the company