Knight's meal

Dining like a knight.

A "feast" - of which the knights could only dream back then. Even at the sight of the festive meal, your mouth waters. Feast like a knight, without table customs but with a lot of authenticity including torchlight and candlelight. Let yourself be enchanted by the servants, medieval music and traditional customs.

Short facts:

  • Immerse yourself in the medieval feeling upon arrival at Kaltenberg Castle.
  • Each participant will receive a horn filled with mead as a "welcome gift".
  • Now that you are in the mood for a culinary journey through time you will enjoy an unforgettable knight's feast by torchlight and candlelight, according to traditional recipe.
  • Forget etiquette for an evening and let yourself be captivated by the table customs and traditions of that time.
  • The extraordinary evening is topped off by servants and medieval musicians.
  • Location: indoor – Kaltenberg "Ritterschwemme"

  • 20 – 400 participants

  • Duration: 2 – 4 hours



  • Fun
  • Getting acquainted
  • Entertainment
  • Enthusiasm