Fire spectacle

Fire Show.

Who does not know and does not feel the fascination of the hot elements? An evening fire show will brand its way into the memory of those present. Artistic and simultaneously elegant, the acrobats play with the element of fire. A variety of choreographies is mirrored in the spectacular elements and effects, always in perfect tune with the music and thus generating an even more intensive experience of whirling flame, pois, floating sticks, fire eaters and many more unforgettable moments.

For years now, the artists of the Fire Fascination Show, put on their show at the Kaltenburger Knight’s Tournament and at the legendary Munich Tollwood Festival.
Naturally, the fire artists guarantee professional handling in their display with fire and ensure a maximum in safety at all times.

Short facts:



  • Reward
  • Enthusiasm
  • Fun
  • Getting acquainted
  • Entertainment

Location: Indoor
Number of persons: 100 - 150 participants
Duration: 3 – 5 hours
Season: all year round