The Big Picture

Creativity To Go.

At Big Picture, participants leave the daily corporate routine and create an impressive work of art together as a team using paints, brushes and canvases. Regardless of whether corporate values or goals are visualized, Big Picture ensures a result that adorns the company headquarters and remains in the employees' memories for a long time. Hardly any other event clearly shows that the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

In the run-up to this corporate event, we work with you to create an individual template of the artwork, in which the company's values, messages or goals are graphically implemented. This overall picture is then broken down into parts that are painted by the individual teams during the event. In this way, the teams only know individual elements of the overall work until the finale.

Big Picture requires not only creativity, but also a great deal of communication and teamwork. Professionally equipped with overalls, brushes, paint and white canvases, the first task is to mix the right colors. Only when everyone has an eye on which canvases are adjacent to each other and which colors have to match will a masterpiece be created in the end.

In the grand finale, the individual canvases, hidden from the eyes of the curious participants, are put together in a frame to form the overall work.
Especially the final unveiling, where the participants all get to see the complete work together, makes Big Picture a special, emotional creative event.