Save the world from the Virus.

Just before the breakthrough of developing a vaccine against a dangerous virus, a tragic accident has occurred in a laboratory, releasing the virus and infecting all members of the research team. The participants have 90 minutes to stop the spread of the virus and thus prevent a pandemic.

The teams are greeted by a representative of the DNA LABORATORY CORPORATION and learn about the precarious situation via a video that is played. There are 90 minutes to assemble the antidote as the virus mutates at high speed. If this happens, the collected research results are worthless and the world is lost.

Each group of participants now receives a locked box containing the encrypted results of the research team. The first step is to open the box. In the box there is a box with records and personal items of the researchers, as well as locked cases with the biological substances from which the antidote must be assembled.
The teammates have to withstand double pressure - the countdown is ticking and the other teams are working on the same task.

Only those who manage to distinguish important from unimportant information and work together effectively as a team will successfully complete the task. A well-considered division of roles and systematic information processing are essential for achieving the goal. Thus, it is up to the players themselves to find innovative, new and creative ways of solving problems and to think outside the box of learned problem solving.