The Infinite Loop

Virtual Reality Teamchallenge.

Exciting team challenge that focuses on cooperation, communication, lean management and high voltage:

Teams try to rescue a teenager who has been sucked into the virtual world by a manipulated VR headset. Now, group members must jump back and forth between the real and virtual worlds to find clues on how to free the teen from his prison.

For the introduction, a short film creates the right atmosphere. Then, team members take turns wearing the VR headset and describing the virtual world, while the rest of the group deciphers codes and solves puzzles by communicating in the real world under time pressure.

The more accurately the player in the virtual world describes the problem, the faster the teammates in the real world find the solution. Through continuous feedback, the resulting changes and interactive learning, the teams can solve the problems more efficiently and become familiar with the principles of lean management.

The Infinite Loop is a versatile and powerful tool for following up on complex problems that affect modern organizations working with remote teams and using or adopting agile methodologies.