Beat the Box

A race against time.

In Beat the Box, the groups try to stop a countdown within 90 minutes. The highlight: At the beginning of this mobile escape game, the participants assume that they are acting against each other, but as the event progresses, they discover that cooperation with the other teams is essential in order to reach the goal.

The event starts with a mysterious video in which a mysterious voice challenges them to play a game: Within 90 minutes, it is now up to the teams to enter the correct abort code into an electronic combination lock to stop the countdown, which ticks down mercilessly for all to see on the video screen. The only tools available are puzzling, locked aluminum boxes that must be opened in order to obtain relevant information.

Beat the Box requires many talents, because it is necessary to decipher codes, solve logicals, but also to use creativity and think around corners.
In addition, "thinking out of the box" is elementary in solving the various puzzles, since there is no complicated set of rules and there are usually only rudimentary instructions.

It is up to the players themselves to find innovative and creative solutions, to think outside the box and, if in doubt, to ask their colleagues.