The great
Chain Reaction

A playground for adults.

Excitement, fun and surprise. In teams you compete in the disciplines you have chosen. At the teepee camp, participants meet at comfortable seating areas and fire up the other participants. Here we chat, laugh and cheer on each other. And the best: We use the hotel park for this event. A transfer is not necessary.

The following disciplines are available:

QUAD SKILLS PARCOURS: here the co-driver has to hold a container of water and spill as little liquid as possible.

SPEEDRACE-PARCOURS: relay races with remote-controlled 1:8 monster trucks and speeds of up to 100 Km/H

RIVER CROSSING: with the help of boxes and boards, the goal is to cross an imaginary river as quickly as possible as a team.

SEA LAKE: with the help of a climbing rope, the team has to retrieve an object without touching the imaginary lake.

ARCH SHOOTING: the closer you hit the bull's eye, the more points you score.

TANGRAM LAYING: in this chinese puzzle, different figures with 7 pieces have to be laid.

LADDER GOLF: the aim of the game is to throw a bolla (rope with a ball at the end) on one of the three rungs of the ladder.

SHOOTING: with a slingshot and colored balls, as many cans as possible must be knocked over.

SOFTAIR RIFLE SHOOTING: modern softair rifles with telescopic sights are used to shoot at cans - every fallen can counts

PIPELINE: in a race with the rolling ball, a gapless pipeline has to be built to the finish line

WATERWAY CONSTRUCTION: 5 liters of water have to be transported over a distance of 12 meters using a variety of materials