Domino Challenge

For clever team players.

The office of the private detectives, Holmes & Partner, requires help urgently from a clever team of investigators. A mysterious crime cannot be solved by the police. It is therefore a case for the master detective himself. Unfortunately, however, his assistant is on vacation and it is impossible for Holmes to solve the case on his own. Can your team help him to solve the case?

 Following a short introduction in the status of the case by the game manager, the investigation gets under way. The objective of the game is to prove that mutual teamwork will lead to success. Each person in the team can and should contribute to the success. The detective’s assistants must invetigate paperwork, find evidence, check alibis and now and then also think „outside the box“.

The game can be played by a small group of up to 6 people or by several small groups working parallel and competing against one another. Which team can solve the case first?

An ambitious and simultaneously entertaining supporting program for smaller events with a tight schedule.  It is not necessary to transfer the participants and the event can, independent of wind and weather, also be carried out 100% indoors.

Prerequisites for participants: a minimum of 1 mobile terminal (smart phone or tablet) with telephone and internet connection per group and (preferably) more than one.