Domino Challenge

A slight kick sets everything in motion.

A challenging and, simultaneously, entertaining supporting program for shorter events and tight schedules. There is no need to transfer participants and the event can, independent of wind and weather, be carried out 100% indoors.

Following a short explanation by the game manager, the teams can be formed. And parallel to the other teams each team plans, constructs and together with other objects builds a functional domino track with hundreds of dominos and all types of hindrances. The highlight of the combined work is then the chain reaction which is generated simply by tipping the first domino to begin the tipping of as many stones as possible.

In a playful manner, the participants in the domino challenge can exercise their skills and proficiency in a group process to achieve the success of the task as a whole. Project management, organizational development, efficient communication in a team and together with other teams, management and creativity are demanded of the participants. In conclusion, an evaluation of the above experiences is carried out by the managers of the game themselves.